Goodness Gracious Wellness offers a refreshingly wholesome approach to health and healing through Holistic Health Coaching, Nutritional Therapy, Wellness Workshops and Consulting.

Gracie’s 1:1 coaching sessions, programs, group workshops & presentations are designed to inspire and empower YOU to reclaim lasting control of your health and happiness by practicing Goodness of Mind, Body and Spirit.

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Goodness Gracie

Hey there, Goodness Guru! My name is Gracie and I’m the Founder and Director of Goodness Gracious Wellness. It’s a pleasure to e-meet you! Today, I enjoy a vibrant life where I’m able to show up to each day as my most radiant self, and serve incredible souls just like you, through a nurtured and thriving Mind, Body and Spirit. Yesterday, however, was a vastly different story. It has taken me years of struggle along respective roads of recovery from eating disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Systemic Lupus to learn the true meaning of Wellness.

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Holistic Health Coaching

What does true Wellness feel like? Do you feel it, right now? As a Holistic Health Coach, I am your ultimate guide to living and breathing in this feeling of Wellness with ease. If you’re exhausted with all-or-nothing, extreme, anxious efforts to achieve health and happiness (who could blame you!) and finally willing to explore a transformation process embedded in the peaceful practice of change through self-love and acceptance, I’m right here to support you!

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Nutritional Therapy

If living your best life is the goal, healthful nutrition is paramount. Nutritional Therapy aims to optimise wellbeing and prevent/manage symptoms of various health conditions and illnesses by addressing individual nutritional and wellness needs. My approach offers nutritional plans and support that carefully consider your unique lifestyle. I believe in viewing each person as a whole and working together to create individualized strategies for your long-term success!

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Workshops & Presentations

My Workshops, Presentations and Speaking Engagements welcome a range of audiences to the wonderful world of Wellness in an engaging and inspiring way. Together, we dive into Information, Illumination and Inspiration head-first and emerge empowered with practical knowledge, tools and skills to own and sustainably transform our health and happiness. Presentations can be tailored to address any wellness subject matter, so get in touch to make some magic!

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What others are saying...

I always know it’s going to be a good day when I have a session with Gracie on the books. She always offers the exact support I need to break through my barriers, free myself from my silly fears and claim my power back! I have never felt so in control of my own wellbeing!


Food has always been a source of confusion and stress and I’ve always had a hard time keeping a steady and healthy weight. Since working with Gracie, I have a new understanding and appreciation for my body and its needs, and I’m learning how to nourish it in a way that is sustainable. As a bonus, I’m finally fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans! And unlike every crash fad diet I’ve tried, I know the results will last this time around, because I’m a whole new person! It feels like I’ve found the real me. Thanks Gracie!


I’ve struggled with eating disorders my entire life. But I don’t struggle anymore. I’ve learned to conquer. I am armed with all the knowledge and tools I need to get my mind, body and spirit back on track whenever I need to. I have never valued my life this much. Thank you, Gracie, for saving me.


Thank you for changing my life girl, I’ll never be the same, and I’ll now always be free. Keep spreading that motherhecking special energy you’ve got inside of you with others, you’re a gift and a saviour. I’m so happy to be alive.


After just one session with Gracie I FINALLY understand (after 35 long years!) what has been holding me back from realising my potential for health and happiness. How incredible to realise I’ve had the answers inside me all along. I’ve just needed the right guidance to access them. Even better than that, I know exactly how to go about healing myself and transforming my life. And perhaps most reassuring of all, I know that I am fully supported by the best in the wellness biz.


I had so many aha! moments in my first session alone! Gracie has opened my eyes to a whole new way of living. I have never felt this valued by a healthcare provider or more excited about my future. After struggling with my mental and physical health my whole life, I am so happy to feel the healing in motion as I apply her principles to my daily routine. Gracie is ah-mazing!!!


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